Welcome Math Commanders!

The Final Quest – Battle in the Polygon

OK Math Cadets, before we begin, we need to make sure we understand the basics of the x-y plane, also called the Cartesian Plane, named after Rene DesCartes. You may already be comfortable with the x-y plane, and if so, you can move on to the next topic.

Need a little review before we begin? Here we go.

This is the x-y plane, also called the Cartesian Plane.

File:XY-plane example blank.svg - Wikimedia Commons

The horizontal axis is the x-axis and the vertical axis is the y-axis. On the Cartesian Plane, every point has a name. The way we name these points is always the same, (x,y). Whenever we want to find a point, we first move in the x direction (positive to the right, negative to the left), then once we have found the correct plane horizontally, we move in the y direction (positive up, negative down). This allows us to find any point on the graph with complete accuracy.

For our treasure hunt, you will follow directions on the x-y plane and update your location in the format of (x,y) coordinates.

You may be asked to move 5 in the positive x direction. Since the x direction is horizontal, the positive x direction is to the right.

Similarly, if you are told to move in the negative y direction, you should move down.

The ultimate goal will be to report the location of the treasure and unlock your prize!

Let’s say you finish the treasure hunt at the point A above. Well then you’d report your location as (-3,2) because those are the (x,y) coordinates for point A. Make sense? Alright, let’s get to work.