Welcome Math Commanders!

Battle in the Polygon – Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Welcome Math Cadets, we have a fight tonight in the Polygon between two numbers, and this one is going to be close.  You see, in the Polygon, the larger number always wins.  Just last week we had an epic showdown between 22/7 and pi, and the outcome shocked the audience. 

Announcer: In the Prime corner, we have the classic, the original, the first Natural Number, and probably the first number you ever knew, it’s 1!!!!!!

And in the Composite corner, the challenger, the non-terminating terminator, the number that never gets tired, it’s .99999999….!!!!!!

Mr. Dalal: Alright, so the fight is set.  The question is, who’s going to win? It’s 1 vs. .9 repeating, which is often written as \(\overline{{.9}}\) and simply means a decimal (.) with an INFINITE number of 9’s behind it.  So who do you think is going to win? We haven’t had a tie since the historic fight between 1 and \({{1000}^{0}}\).  Could today be another tie? 

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