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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your teenager to like math

(or at least not hate it so much)?

Our goal is to help your teen discover a new, fun, perspective on math in 5 days!

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 5 Days of Fun

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With Patterns and Puzzles!

Math doesn’t need to be “boring” or a chore!

Many students start out with a great desire to learn about numbers and arithmetic, but as the years progress this love of math starts to die out.

 Some students do well in math class, but find the topic boring and not relatable to their lives.

 Math for most students is just formulas written in a book with no connection to the real world (or any area of interest for them).

 School mathematical curriculums focus on what students need to know, but don’t offer much to inspire students or showcase exciting and interesting mathematics.

Learn by Doing

There is NO homework, NO drills, NO timers, and NO pressure!

Your teen CAN have fun learning how to solve real-world problems with math and fostering a greater appreciation for and understanding of mathematical theory.

Students will see the beauty of mathematics and be inspired to continue expanding their mathematical horizons.

Introducing the Math is Amazing Virtual Math Camp:

Patterns and Puzzles

Your teen will learn to love math again in 5 days!

Our math camp is 5 days of self-paced exciting and inspiring mathematics explorations.

Every day, students will follow a story that leads them through mathematical activities on different topics.

At the end of the 5 days, students will participate in a treasure hunt activity, using all of the math they learned to complete it.

Every lesson is full of interactive explorations, focused not on right or wrong answers, but on mathematical discovery and creative thinking. 

As a parent, you can participate with your teen by discussing the included discussion questions for each day.

Our founder, Manhar Dalal (Mr. Dalal)  has traveled the world teaching mathematics to some of the weakest and some of the strongest students with the mission to help them love math at whatever stage they were at in their mathematical journey.

He’s combined what he has learned from his decade as a math teacher and from his research as a student at Harvard University to create a math camp program focused on fun and interesting topics in mathematics that are often left out of the standard curriculum and help to foster a love of math.

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What makes Math is Amazing’s Virtual Math Camps different?

Our camps are the first of their kind that not only teaches your teen math, but also helps them to discover that exploring mathematical concepts can be fun and related to their lives.

Take a look at how our camps compare to other math camps:

By the end of this 5 day math camp:

Your teen will have grown in their mathematical abilities and have gained a new, curious mindset about math.

They will have developed their understanding of mathematical theory while completing fun and engaging activities like exploring math in space and math in art. 


Are you ready for your teen to love math?

The Patterns and Puzzles Math Camp is perfect for your teen,

no matter where they are on their math journey

Your teen does not like math

They will finally get to see math in a new, fun way, without tests or homework.

Your teen is in middle school

They will be able to complete everything in the camp while growing their math skills and learning about new, fun types of math.

Your teen is not doing well in math

They will find success for the first time in a long time with our lessons that don’t build on each other, and don’t require strong math skills to successfully complete.

Your teen likes math!

They will learn about new, exciting topics they haven’t learned about in school.

Your teen is in high school

They will make connections they never imagined existed while reinforcing and building new skills.

Your teen is doing well in math!

They will expand their understanding and develop connections to other areas like art and space.

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You want your teen to succeed in math and enjoy it!


You have questions. We have answers.


How Will This Help My Teen?

The Math is Amazing Virtual Math Camp is designed to help your child have fun while learning mathematical concepts and theories in a guided, interactive and engaging way. 

The activities in this program are not taught in most curriculums and help students build their mathematical thinking and make connections to math in their real life. This is a great supplement to further develop any middle or high school math student.

Will My Teen Actually Do This?

Yes! Our students have repeatedly told us this program is “more fun than math class!” and every student has reported learning more about math and liked the interactive nature of the program. 

Since the program is self-paced, students have the ability to log in when it fits into their schedule and are guided throughout the camp progression. 

Parents and students will be emailed after completing each day with a camp report, so that parents can understand how much of the program has been completed. There are also daily discussion questions for parents to discuss with their child to further reinforce their learning and foster good mathematical communication in the family. These discussion questions are not required to complete the camp, they are optional.

What Features Does This Have?

The Math is Amazing Virtual Math Camp includes:

  •  5 days of math activities (1-3 hours per day, depending on the speed of the learner)
  •  BONUS Treasure Map Activity at the end of the program
  •  FREE Exclusive Math Patch upon completion of the entire program
  •  Parent Discussion Questions (3 questions per day, optional – not required for student to complete the course)
Do I have to help them? Is there a live teacher?

Parents are not required to help their child throughout the program. 

We actually recommend the student to complete the program on their own, as it is self-paced and guided throughout each day. 

After the student completes the daily activity, parents can discuss the daily discussion questions with them (but this is optional).

There is no live teacher in the program, however the program is guided and if a student gets “stuck” on any question they will be guided towards the correct answer with prompted follow-up questions as responses.

We Know Life Gets in the Way

This amazing math camp is 5 days long, but we know sometimes you need a little extra time.

Our program is flexible and self-paced. You have 90 days of access to the camp so you can finish on your schedule.

We Are Here For You!

If you have questions about the camp, feel free to reach out to us at

We are here to help your teen succeed!  

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