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Math is Amazing – Live! is all about FREEDOM!

You made the choice to homeschool your children because you know how to support your children best.  We are here to help you and support your choices. 


ALL Courses Include:

  • 3 hours of LIVE time with your teacher a week!
  • Classes meet 2 times per week for an hour each time, with an additional weekly 1 hour Q&A session for additional support.
  • ALL materials are included with all Live! classes, including:
    • Books,
    • PDF notes after every class
    • Optional homework, quizzes, tests, and guiding questions

Parents will be provided with homework and answers, quizzes and tests with solutions, and guiding questions for discussion.  You may choose to utilize these resources in whatever way best suits your child.  As a homeschool family, you determine the appropriate methods for assessing your child, and you have the ultimate authority to assign the grades you feel are appropriate.

Classes start on September 6th and end on June 3rd.

Spots are limited – sign up today to secure your seat!

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Just the word, Algebra, brings fear to students and parents alike.

Fear not!

With Mr. Dalal as your Algebra teacher, you will master algebra with ease!  

Algebra is the gateway to high school math, so success here is extremely important for the future.

Geometry can be the most fun math class, with the right teacher!

With Mr. Dalal as your Geometry teacher, you’ll be a geometric genius! 

Geometry is a great opportunity to not only learn about shapes, angles, arcs, secants, chords, areas and volumes, but also to apply algebra skills in a fun new way.

Algebra 2 – This is where math gets serious, but also the most exciting! 

No matter whether you’re an algebra master, or not, Mr. Dalal will guide you through all the graphing, solving, and formulating with ease! 

You want to know a secret?

Algebra 2 is Mr. Dalal’s favorite topic!